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See below for some frequently asked questions.
Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

What merit is there in paying architectural fees?

There are several merits to using an architect when building your house.
  1. My child's dream house sketch.You can get help to make your dream house.

    You might have a lot of ideas for your house but there aren't many people who know precisely what they want. So first, we take time with all members of the family to understand clearly what each member wants.
  2. You get many surprising ideas.

    An architect proposes many ideas till your needs and wants are met.
  3. Model for studying light controlWe ensure good value.

    Architects ensure good value because they check the builders detailed quote very carefully. Usually by doing this, you can reduce the price by as much as half the architectural fees.
  4. Site ManagementSomeone will keep an eye on the site.

    The finished plans are only halfway to your dream come true. We check the site to make sure that the builders are following the drawings exactly.

How is Higashijima Architectural Studio different from others?

Wavy floor Kids space

We specialise in designing houses for families with small children.

We believe that humans, especially children should not live in a box. A「Box」is a house that has been designed by piecing together the rooms required like a jigsaw puzzle to form the plan. No matter how good it looks, or how great the materials are, it will never be more than a box.

We believe in nurturing children's natural sensitivity and abilities. We design houses that allow families to live together happily and be healthy in mind and body. We would be more than happy to help families interested in this kind of idea.

Can we consult you about insurance and finance?

Yes. We can help with 10 year home insurance, soil insurance, land insurance, construction insurance, getting finance, as well as solar panels, energy efficiency and high level insulation.


Can you offer advice on selecting land or help in finding land?

Yes. Please feel free to call or email me to make an appointment.

What is a Ken-no H3 House?

A house that is designed to allow the family to live together happily and be healthy, physically and mentally is a Ken-no House H3(Happy Heart House).
For further details, see Ken-no House H3.

Do you accept orders for only furniture?

Lighting Furniture Japanese Italian influence

We are delighted to accept orders for furniture. Not only furniture, but we also specialise in lighting, signs and products.

In which locations will you work?

Anywhere! We can design projects anywhere in Japan or the world.