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Ken-no House H3
Ken-no House H3

Does your house look after you?

  • Essence of the space

 Sometimes you are in a space that can make you feel relaxed and bright or on the other hand, uneasy or depressed. The causes can be attributed to architectural elements like the spaciousness of the room, the height of the ceiling, the shape, materials and colour of the floor and walls, as well as music or distance between people in the room to name a few. However, it is important to realise that the basis of this is that we have always been influenced by our surroundings through the five senses.

 On the other hand, not many people have experienced the overwhelmingly impression or emotional movement from the energy or power of space. This includes architects, not only ordinary people. Someone who doesn't know sadness, cannot heal someone who is sad. Someone who hasn't seen the power of space cannot create a space which has power. The space which doesn't move a person's heart is only a box.

 The space where people and children live shouldn't be a box. The time spent in your mother's body is engraved in the memory. The womb can't have been a box.

 Space is like food. It can satisfy humans physically and emotionally. And it can poison them too.

Emotions can change time to time. If space changes, emotions change too.

 Space is the empty place created between two or more things. This emptiness has an amazing influence on humans. To think about this emptiness is architecture.

  • Is your child a genius?

 Even at this moment there are children who are facing problems by themselves without support from anyone. A dark, heavy, depressing world which is squashing them has not been made or created by them. The basis of this world has probably been built by their parents or other adults whether they meant to or not.

 Kids are gifted at artisticly expressing life 

 Aren't you caging your children in your own self-drawn scheme of life? Children can't reach their full potential when they are restricted. If they don't use their abilities, they get rusty. It is society now and us adults who keep taking away the children's opportunity to express themselves.

 Around the time that kids start to go to school, they begin to ask for things like their own desk, or their own room. This is because their friends have them or because the number of their toys/ books have increased, not because they are in need of their own privacy. Parents think that they want to study quietly and have privacy, but this is not so.

 When people build a house, they often say that the kids room should be bright and that they want a plan which requires the kids to pass through the living room to reach their bedroom. This isn't bad, parents are thinking about children, but we shouldn't forget that this is only the parent's opinion and not what the kids have asked for. On the other hand, just doing these things doesn't mean that you should build your house around your children. If you do, that is just for your own satisfaction. Even in a bright and sunny room, no kids would want to sit at their desk facing a wall and studying. They would rather do homework next to their father or mother sitting at the dining table or in the kitchen.

 When children grow up mentally and physically healthy, that is the confirmation that society is healthy. To do so we need to put children in the centre whenever we do something. By putting children in the centre when we think, is to see things from children's viewpoint. Usually, the adult - child relationship can be see as teach - be taught, lead - be lead, play - be played with, which is a one-way vector. Even if you say that you are thinking about children, but your mind is restricted by that one-way vector it simply means that your answer has been adult-filtered and is not the result of actually thinking from a child's viewpoint. It is very important to keep an even relationship as much as possible, study together, lead each other, and play together.

  • A house to enjoy being a family

 When I come home and try to open the door, I can hear "Daddy's home", and when the kids come home and call "Daddy!" and I pretend I am not home they say "Daddy's not home?" When their mother is in the bathroom they almost always call out "Mummy, where are you?" In our house, everyday is like this. Of course we didn't expect to be bothered by children everytime we went to the bathroom but children are just so used to always being close to the other family members, and family members are always in their mind.

2 roles of the house
Reality space:eat, sleep, cleanse, work, study
Spiritual space:relax, enjoy, worry, heal

 When you are full of sensitivity and you can express your emotions smoothly and you can be positive about yourself you can say that your mind is healthy. One of the most important roles of the house is to be a spiritual place where you can express your feelings freely without being restricted. So it is not enough to make a house interesting like a park. At the same time it should be a place to be able to worry.

A House
A house is where people reside.
Realise that many houses are just a box.
Please be serious about your house.
Cool design and comfort are good
but there are more important things to focus on.
Residing itself is living
A house to keep you healthy, physically and mentally
A house to keep enjoying your family
A house has a lot more potential.
There should be as many different houses as there are families.

 Thinking about a house is not only thinking about where to live but also thinking about living as a family.

  It is time to think about a healthy mind house, isn't it?